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Moving From Western New York To Dallas-Fort Worth

Everything you need to know about moving from Western New York to Dallas-Fort Worth

Buffalo Bills fans at the 2018 NFL Draft.

So you want to move to Dallas-Fort Worth from Western New York? Well you’re in luck. We also moved to the DFW area from Western NY and just happen to run a real estate team. Not only that, but we’ve been here long enough to figure out the answers to all the common questions people have when moving. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind from a family that experienced life in Buffalo and Rochester and then moved to Big D…

I took this photo the Buffalo skyline a few years back from a moving boat, because there’s a lot to love about Western New York.

First: The DFW Metroplex is big. Bigger than you may realize. The suburbs themselves are really mid-sized cities. There are highways that cut through the center of both Dallas and Fort Worth, and highways that loop around the city and the suburbs. DFW is the fourth largest metro area in the United States and you’re going to experience some traffic, but they’ve done a good job of putting highways where they need to be to be and they are as efficient as possible. Relocating from Western New York to Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas is a big adjustment, but a good one. You’re going to love it here!

The Food. You’re not going to find Mighty Taco, Tim Horton’s, or even a Garbage Plate anywhere in DFW. And after a couple weeks, you won’t even care. You’re going to learn what real BBQ is, discover some amazing Tex-Mex and Mexican restaurants (they’re two different things), and nightlife districts that make Chippewa and Elmwood less memorable. Plus, there’s a Duff’s Wings in the city of Southlake, which is right in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth! And if that isn’t enough, you can always order from for a special treat.

The Bills & Sabres. There are plenty of Buffalo Bills fans and Sabres fans in DFW. In fact, there are actually two well established locations for the DFW Bills Backers to watch Bills games together each week; one on the Dallas side, and the other in Fort Worth.

Sports. First off, many of the DFW area High School teams play in better facilities than the UB Bulls. For example, the Allen Eagles play in a $60 million dollar high school stadium. Next door, McKinney ISD has built their own $70 million stadium. Prosper High School’s $53 million “Children’s Health Stadium” seats 12,000, and Frisco ISD High Schools play here, a $250,000,000+ complex with a 12,000 seat facility also used by the Dallas Cowboys as a practice field.

NFL: You need to check out AT&T Stadium in Arlington. It is a completely different game day experience that what you will experience at Rich Stadium Ralph Wilson Stadium New Era Highmark Stadium. It is a really nice place to watch a game. If you keep in mind that some parking spots cost more than premium seating at New Era Field and mentally prepare yourself to spend more on a ticket, you’ll be alright on game day. But that’s just football…

NHL: If you’re a Sabres fan, you’re going to have no love for the Dallas Stars after Brett Hull’s questionable goal to steal seal the 1998 Stanley Cup. The Stars play in a very nice arena downtown and there are plenty of places to park as well as a rail stop not too far away. You’ll like this place.

NBA: The Dallas Mavericks play in the same arena as the Dallas Stars. Look behind the Mavs bench and you’re likely to see team owner Mark Cuban offering his commentary on the collective referee performance. Loudly.

Taxes. There’s less. Much less. Your gas is cheaper, there is zero state income tax, though your property taxes may end up being higher than what you had in WNY. This is probably one of the reasons you moved here. And will likely stay here.

Housing. Home prices have been steadily increasing for years in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as the population continues to rise dramatically. We recommend everyone moving to or within the DFW area to start the relocation process with a call to The Burke Team. And get this: If you’re looking to move or sell a home outside their area of business, they’ll refer you to an agent free of charge! They have solid connections to WNY as well if you need to buy or sell in the Buffalo area.

Groceries. We know how much you love Wegmans. We know, and we understand. But it is time to let go. And there are some really great grocery stores here. It isn’t like Buffalo where you either go to Wegmans or a list of “other” places like Tops, Dash’s, Budways, etc. Yes, DFW has your standard fare of Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Walmart, Tom Thumb, and Target. But there’s more. If you miss the quality of Wegman’s, HEB, the greatest Supermarket chain in existence, has moved in to DFW. Also good are either Market Street or Central Market (Central Market is a boutique brand of HEB and carries the same prime cuts of meat that you’d get at Buffalo Chop House, Russell’s, Salvatore’s, etc.) And the Kroger flagship stores are pretty nice as well.

Gas Prices. You’ll be tempted to “group text” photos of the gas prices to your friends still stuck shoveling snow in Buffalo the first time you fill up. Depending what part of town you’re in, generally you’ll pay 25-50 cents less per gallon than your relative in Clarence, that cousin in East Aurora, that pal in Tonawanda, or your old neighbor in Fairport.

Hospitals. This one is going to blow you away, most likely. There are so many hospitals in DFW you’ll feel skeptical about your Google search results (Go ahead, try it.) This is a city with world class medical care. Remember how if you wanted to go to a special children’s hospital you’d have to either go to Strong’s in Rochester or make a drive to Pittsburgh? Yeah, Dallas alone has FOUR of those. And they’re building more…

Weather. It is time for some real talk. Fall/Winter together lasts for about 3-4 months here, from November to February, or sometimes less. Here are a few things to prepare you so you know which clothes to have in your closet and which stuff should be packed away.

First off, there is snow in Texas. Not every year, but it will happen. The first time a “winter storm warning” appears you’re going to laugh at how the city reacts. But, take it seriously. They do not plow or salt the roads in DFW. That means even a relatively minor freeze can create roads with slipperly black ice, and there are going to be accidents.

But, winter is kind of weird here. Some years we have had a tiny bit of snow on Christmas, and other years it is 70 degrees and the kids are playing with their new toys outside in their pajamas. Don’t throw out all your winter gear when you move here. There’s going to be some 40 degree days and 20-30 degree nights every year. We actually have a snow shovel and a car ice scraper hanging in the garage that get used once or twice every couple years! When the snow comes, you’ll be the only one in the neighborhood with a shoveled driveway.

Spring comes fairly fast. By Saint Patrick’s Day most years you can wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt to the parade downtown. You’ll have 80 degree days in April. Summer is essentially May through October. (Parents: It will be anywhere from 40 to pushing 80 degrees on Halloween, so keep that in mind when picking your child’s costumes.) July and August will be a mix of days in the 90’s and days in the low 100’s. Just think about January and February in WNY because there is a similarity. This is a season where you will operate indoors quite a bit. Instead of going from heated car to heated room, you’re going from the AC in your car to AC in a building.

Let us know what other questions you have about moving from Buffalo or Rochester to Dallas – Fort Worth. We’re experts!

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Written by Daniel Burke

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