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Hutchins BBQ: Possibly the Best in DFW

You won’t find anything better than this!

We recently learned that according to science, eating BBQ is actually good for you. And if that is the case, then Hutchin’s BBQ in McKinney, TX might be the the very tastiest life prolonging experience in the DFW Metroplex. Bold Claim? Maybe. But here’s why:

The Brisket is perfect. It has the right balance of smoke and seasoning that will keep you from ever driving all the way to Austin again. Our wet brisket was almost as tasty as ordering burnt ends. It’s that good. Try the beef rib as well!

The Sides. When your choice of beans includes jalapeño pinto beans and brisket beans, you know you came to the right place. And have you ever heard of a “Texas Twinkie?” That’s a jalapeño stuffed with brisket. Yes, it does exist. You’re welcome.

The Experience. You’ll wait in line and walk by the guy cutting up your meats. You can smell the smoke. Old wooden booths. This isn’t a chain restaurant like so many others we see in DFW. There are just two locations: this original location in McKinney, and a new location in Frisco (where Danny White’s used to be).

Written by Daniel Burke

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