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Moms, You Need a Break

Moms. You need a break.

Here we are. January. Christmas is over. New Years Eve came and went.

I absolutely love Christmas and the holiday season. I love to decorate. I love to shop. I love to wrap. and wrap. and wrap. I love family meals. I love the wine flowing and the desserts baking, the delicious meals and moreso, the sides. My husband also loves Christmas, so it’s no surprise with 4 kiddos at home, that the holidays for our family are full of joy, excitement, love, activities and LOTS of hot chocolate… hot chocolate that leaves its mark on ALL of the Christmas jammies.

While we all love Christmas, I think we Moms somehow carry all of the holiday “magics” a little more tightly, and with tad higher expectations. We want all the moments – the cookie-making, gingerbread-house-constructing, Christmas-light-viewing, Hot-chocolate-drinking, Christmas-movie-binging, board-game-playing, carol-singing, present-giving, wide-eyed spectacular moments, to be just perfect and we will do anything to make it so.

But… there’s a limit, right? We all have a limit. And sometimes the holidays push the limits.

As a mom, I can feel when the limit is coming. It’s when it no longer matters that the 4 year old is skipping through the Hobby Lobby ornament aisle, touching every beautiful glittery Christmas angel and pushing the button on every. singing. reindeer; when I’ve heard the 5,325th gift request; when I forgot the Christmas Eve jammies and it’s Dec. 23rd; when I lost it in the WalMart check out line. Again.

But after the glitter settles and the excitement thins, we need to “wine down” with a break.

So, cheers to you, moms. It’s January. Life carries on. Find time to take a break. Whatever that means to you. Maybe that’s reading a book, wine with friends, taking a walk, watching a sunset, a bubblebath, a boardgame, a puzzle. Whatever it is… find a moment to reset and recharge… Even if the kids have to pound on the door for a minute. With a few moments to recharge, you will invest in your family with more strength, grace, kindness and understanding.

So Happy New Year! Valentine’s is still a month away. Now, go take a break.

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Written by Jennifer Burke

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