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What Repairs Should Be Done Before I List My Home?

Here are some cost effective repairs that should be done before putting your home on the market

Let’s Talk About Repairs

As a home seller, you have questions. You want to sell your home, and you aren’t sure what to do! Should you spend a little money to touch something up, spend more money to replace something, or spend no money and sell “as-is?” Each home and market is unique, and a good, seasoned agent will help answer these questions. Taking time to highlight your home’s strengths and fix up some of its possible weaknesses can make a big difference in how fast it sells. Here are our top four recommended repairs to make before selling your home.

Repaint walls

Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to spruce it up, and generally, it can be a do-it-yourself project. Make sure to touch up any scratches, nicks and nail pops and consider updating any accent walls with a more neutral color.

Repair floors

Hardwood floors are a very desirable feature in a home, so you want to ensure they look their best by fixing scratches or dull areas. If your carpet is worn or stained, consider replacing. And don’t forget the tile in your kitchen or bathrooms. Re-grouting can go a long way in making dingy tile work look brand new!

Refresh the landscaping

Show buyers your home is the full package by dressing up the outside as well as the inside. Clean the walkways and driveways, plant seasonal flowers and plants, trim hedges and trees, install outdoor décor pieces and fill in mulch and gravel.

Fix your fixtures

Leaky faucet? Rusted drains? Loose drawer handle? Making these small fixes can make a big difference to potential buyers with detailed-orientated minds. Improve your kitchen. An outdated kitchen can be an eyesore to some buyers. Updating cabinetry, repairing or replacing countertops, and installing new faucets and sinks may be worth the investment!


Replace the front door and/or garage door. An upgrade at the front door improves the overall first impression to homebuyers and will generally bring you a 50-100% ROI (Most real estate resources will just average it out and say 75% profit!) Think about the homes that you are most impressed with before you walk in. More often than not, the front door has been addressed, and enhances the rest of the visuals. The garage door follows the same thought process. Aside from practical reasons like better home security and energy efficiency, upgrading your garage door can make the home look nicer, and is said to bring back roughly 100% ROI. Not bad!

What else have you done to prepare your home to hit the open market?

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Written by Daniel Burke

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