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Free Money: The Ibotta App

Get money back on items you were going to buy anyway with the Ibotta App for your Phone using this promo code: ageulji

The Ibotta app is a way to get money back on both online and in store purchases just about anywhere. If you already know what it is and just came for the Ibotta referral code with the free bonus money, here it is:

Ibotta is a free app for your phone that features rebates on products you already buy. Fresh produce, frozen food, clothing, electronics, you name it. Kind of like a digital coupon, but pays out money like a rebate.

The app works in a few different ways. For supermarkets and other brick and mortar stores, you simply pick a store in the app, select the product rebates you want, and buy the products during your shopping trip. Once you’re done shopping, you scan the receipt and you’re done!

For online retailers and offers, you simply launch the retailer you want and start shopping. It really is that simple!

Where do I use it? Supermarkets, online retailers, restaurants, (Example: Amazon, Ebay, Groupon, Hulu, Ticketmaster, iTunes, Fandango, etc.) For complete and current lists of retailers, download the app, but don’t forget to use our referral code or you won’t get the free money added to your account.

Why does Ibotta give me money? What’s the catch? Companies and stores pay Ibotta to feature their products. Ibotta uses some of those earnings to facilitate the digital rebates that are offered, and we use the app to get rebates for things we buy. Not bad!

Here’s another explanation:

  1. Companies Pay Ibotta to offer rebates for their stores and products as a form of advertising.
  2. We buy those products because of the rebates, and collect all the money.
  3. The company hopes you’ll buy their product again.

How to get Ibotta This is the referral code to use on your phone:

If you use it when you sign up they put $10 in your account to start out with. It is a no brainer to use the code when you sign up. Feel free to give the same code to anyone you think could benefit from using this Ibotta app!

Written by Daniel Burke

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