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Youth Sports And School Supplies

Here is a list of deals we found for sports and school related things our kids needed. Will be updated as we spend more money!

Youth Baseball

Boys cleats, low ankle style:

Boys cleats, mid ankle style

Baseball Bat: Marucci Cat Composite Drop 8 29/21 2 3/4

Baseball Bat Grip: VukGripz

Baseball Glove: Wilson A500

Baseball Helmet:

Baseball Batting Gloves: Franklin

Baseball Pants:

Baseball Bag/Backpack

Girls Volleyball

Pink and white Volleyball:

Knee pads:


White Cheer Shoes (with velcro:)

White Cheer Shoes (no velcro:)

Youth Golf:

Golf Balls: Callaway Supersoft

Golf Balls: TaylorMade Distance+

Golf Tees:

Bag: Callaway Golf Chev Stand

Golf Bag Push Cart

And of course, Parental Cleaning of Youth Sports Gear:

Fels-Naptha Soap bars

Dawn Powerwash

Sneaker Cleaner with brush

Written by Daniel Burke

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