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Save Money: Rakuten

Get a free Rakuten account and start getting money back on things you were going to buy anyway

Want an extra $30?

Rakuten is a large corporation that operates an affiliate marketing company. As a result, “Rakuten Rewards” (formerly eBates) is a program that gives rebates on purchases bought while logged in to the platform. There is no catch, they just send rebates on digital purchases.

If you use this referral code you’ll get a free $10 added to your account they are currently offering s $30 bonus after you use the app and spend $30. The usual promotion is $10, but since it is $30 right now we decided to share! There is also a Chrome browser plugin and a smartphone app you can log in to which makes it easier to qualify for rebates. The list of retailers and companies is impressive, so check it out.

Free $10 to your account if you sign up using Free $30 available using THIS LINK.

Desktop version of the Rakuten site.

Free $10 $30 to your account if you sign up using THIS LINK.

Written by Daniel Burke

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