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How Do I Drive On Icy Roads In Texas?

Every Texan knows it is always important to plan ahead for severe weather. But even with the best planning, there are some big challenges ahead.

What About Driving!? If you’re from Texas, there is a decent chance you have never driven on ice and snow covered roads before. Here are a few game changing tips and videos…

  • Stay off the roads if you don’t actually have to go anywhere. Chances are it will only be a few days.
  • Drive at a lower speed.
  • Slow down gradually.
  • Try not to come to a complete stop if possible.
  • Take turns slowly.
  • Accelerate slowly to avoid spinning out and getting stuck.
  • When changing lanes, do so slowly and gradually. This is how a lot of cars spin out and and lose control.
  • Notice what parts of the road appear to have less snow and ice. Cars on the road will eventually melt a path for the tires. You’ll know it when you see it.
  • Often a three lane road becomes a two or even a one lane road once snow begins to build up a bit heavy. Keep that in mind when driving and understand others may not have figured this out as they drive.
  • At intersections, be cautious when turning or crossing. Make sure the vehicles on the other streets are able to stop and yield.
  • Help people push their car when they’re stuck. That could be you in a few minutes just a block or two down the road!

Written by Daniel Burke

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