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Things To Do In DFW Now That The Cowboys Aren’t In The Playoffs Anymore

The Cowboys are skipping town for a few months; what will you do!?

So… The unthinkable, yet annual tragedy has taken place: the Dallas Cowboys have been eliminated from the playoffs. Here are some things to do in DFW to pass the time as you mourn.

Go Outside Enjoy some fresh air and go for a walk. Or ride a bike. Step off the barstool, leave the couch, and get away from your TV. Not sure where to go? Check out D Magazine’s “The Great Dallas Outdoor Guide.”

Go To The Gym What better way to retroactively begin that forgotten New Year’s resolution? Rage lift some weights at the gym and burn a few calories at the same time. Some DFW cities have their own gym facilities and they’re pretty affordable, too.

Go out to a regular restaurant You’ve been holding court every week at a local sports bar. Did you know: there are other restaurants out there that don’t have wall to wall TV’s with ESPN and NFL network playing 24-7? Some of them serve steaks, others Tex-Mex, etc. Chances are your significant other will appreciate it, probably. Have you tried Tender Smokehouse yet in Celina?

Visit A Museum! The DMA (aka Dallas Museum of Art) is a world class art gallery downtown with daily FREE admission. Need something different? The National Video Game Museum is here in DFW! It is located in Frisco, and there are classic arcade games you can play as part of the experience! You’ll forget all about Dak, Zeke, Amari, and even Jerry in those hallowed halls. Possibly.

Do some work around the house. Have you been putting off any home maintenance projects? Are your dresser drawers a bit full with some old clothes? Is it time to retire some of your kid’s old broken toys from the rotation? Too much junk in the garage? Is your home ready for the cold weather? Now is a great time to catch up on home maintenance projects.

Written by Daniel Burke

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